What To Expect


What to expect

First Day


On the first day you will be asked to fill out some paper work (if you want to fill it out ahead of time, just give us a call, we’ll fax it to you.) Next, you will be taken into the exam room where the doctor will sit down with you and listen to you describe your health problems or concerns. Dr. Marquez will ask questions as needed. He will then perform a customized chiropractic and orthopedic exam tailored to your specific problem.


X-rays may be taken if the doctor feels that it is medically necessary. All this is done without you having to disrobe. While the doctor reviews his exam and x-rays you may be placed on an inter-segmental traction table, electronic stimulation and ice may be placed on the area of concern. This helps to relax the area and reduce the pain which will make it more comfortable for you when the doctor treats you. Dr. Marquez will then give you a quick review of his findings and either treats you if it is something he can help you with or he will refer you to a medical doctor that can help you if it is out of his scope of practice. You will then set up an appointment for the following day. This takes approximately 30 minutes.

Second Day

Second day

On the second day Dr. Marquez will go over your x-rays with you and develop a game plan to get you back to good health. Dr. Marquez will then begin your customized treatment plan which may include chiropractic adjustments, inter-segmental traction, ice, electronic stimulation, traction, rehabilitation exercises, at home exercise, and massage. This takes approximately 30 minutes. A Typical treatment plan in our office looks something like this: 3 times a week for 2 weeks then 2 times a week for 2 weeks and then one time a week for 2 weeks. All treatment plans are custom made to suit your particular condition or problem and will vary from this slightly. After the second visit treatment only takes approximately 15 minutes.



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